The Miele Space Station is Made Entirely from Old Washing Machines

 - Jun 4, 2013
References: & lostateminor
The design of the Miele Space Station is made completely unique and eye-catching due to its construction from old washing machines. The miniature space station has upcycled dozens of tired washers to create a structure that houses an entire station.

The name 'Miele Space Station' is a reference to the brand of washing machines used to create the building Miele. The entire structure is made out of five separate units, each of which can be transported by two people. The structure has actually been used previously as a patio bar, cafe and an art lounge. The structure is completely flexible and can be arranged into many different layouts, making it a versatile and unique creation.

If an entire building can be made up of old washing machines, who's to say that other larger structures couldn't be created from upcycled parts? Perhaps innovations like refrigerator houses and dishwasher automobiles aren't so far off.