This Old Fashioned Cocktail Contains Boozy Fruit and Whiskey

This plum-infused old fashioned cocktail is a fruity twist on a classic alcoholic beverage. Created by the blog The Artful Desperado, the drink recipe is perfect for mixologists and budding bartenders to recreate at home. The recipe is also featured on the Urban Outfitters blog.

If you want to try this old fashioned cocktail, you will need ingredients such as pitted and halved plums, whisky, Angostura bitters and simple syrup (which consists of water and sugar). The plums are baked and caramelized, giving them a stunning fall-appropriate feel. In addition to plum-infused whiskey, you will also have some boozy fruit to work with. Any leftovers can be re-used in desserts or as pancake toppings. They also included a more traditional orange-garnished old fashioned recipe.