'Howdy' is an Robot That Automatically Checks In & Organizes Meetings

 - Oct 21, 2015
References: howdy.ai & fastcodesign
This office robot acts as a virtual employee by doing the menial, yet necessary tasks you don't want to. Setting up meetings, checking in and scheduling things, the Howdy robot is trainable to help everyone at work get things done.

Howdy is integrated in the professional chat platform, Slack, in which it acts as a contact who will communicate with various employees through chat boxes. Best of all, the designers of Howdy realized that we live in a notification-laden world and are very used to ignoring or simply exiting such notifications. Therefore, Howdy instead asks, "Can you talk?" and will not continue until the user has responded.

It even asks things like: "What are you working on today?" and "Is anything blocking your progress?" in order to gain a better understanding of how it can be most efficient.