'Off the Road' Depicts Vehicles that Have Taken Multi-Year Journeys

 - Aug 17, 2016
References: shop.gestalten & wired
'Off the Road' is a new book from publisher Gestalten that depicts the vehicles that take road warriors on their adventures. Shying away from rusty little sedans or lumbering minivans, though, the 'Off the Road' photography series is all about showing serious road trip vehicles -- machines that have taken people on destination-less trips across continents and over the span of years.

As is clear from looking at the vehicles in 'Off the Road,' they're equipped to handle some tough terrain. Primarily Jeeps, campers, and other rugged rangers, the vehicles are large enough to sleep at least one person (if not more) and hardcore enough to traverse most landscapes. Even the motorcycle in the photo series is decked out with extra luggage space and fuel systems.