The Off-Road Commode Provides Luxury in the Wilderness

The Off-Road Commode is the perfect portable potty for modern day outdoors-men, especially the ones who don't enjoy squatting in the bush when nature calls. This transportable throne is fit for any wilderness king or queen and supports a grand total of 500lbs. The commode, which consists of a steel tube seat, is covered in soft camouflaged padding -- although, it won't keep you hidden while you do your business.

You'll still be as manly, rugged and outdoorsy as always with the added perks of this comfortable luxury toilet seat. The Off-Road Commode can be easily attached to any pick-up truck or vehicle with a 2-inch receiver hitch. According to the instructions, one should not use the commode while the vehicle is in motion.

This commode is the ideal gift for hunters, fishers and avid campers who enjoy a little luxury while in the wilderness.