Book Sculptures by Odires Mlászho Endlessly Connects Literature

 - Jun 8, 2013
References: & designtaxi
Using books as a medium, artist Odires Mlászho created a series of intricate sculptures. Mlászho weaved books together to create artworks inspired by the Möbius Strip. Like the one-sided and never ending Möbius Strip, Mlászho's book scultpures merge and twist together. Though not one-sided, the sculptures pay homage to the strip's mathematical properties.

Mlászho created the sculptures by taking thick volumes and merging them together page by page until they were inseparably bound. As a result of the weaving, the books flow into each other with no beginning or end.

The book sculptures that Mlászho created were greatly inspired by the works of artists Max Ernst and László Moholy-Nagy. Currently, the sculptures are on display at the Venice Art Biennale in the Brazil Pavilion.