Octopus Earbuds Stick Firmly to Your Smartphone to Evade Entanglement

 - Dec 2, 2011
References: yankodesign
You can do all sorts of incredible things with that hi-tech gadget in your hand, yet you still find yourself wrestling with those cursed audio cables. Octopus Earbuds do not offer a wireless solution to music listening on your mobile phone, but they do present some promise that knotted cords may be a thing of the past.

Donghee Suh's proposal is exceedingly simple but quite clever. Based on the principles of suction, the designer turned the inner tips of headphones into retractable silicone tentacles. These can stick onto the smooth surface of your smartphone's touchscreen and prevent your wrapped wire from coming loose and overlapping. There are even benefits to adhering the Octopus Earbuds together. When connected they form a complete loop in the cable which you can wear securely around your neck.