The Octo Outlet Has Retractable Socket Tentacles as Convenient Electric Links

 - Oct 23, 2013
References: yankodesign
The power bar can be much more efficient and flexible than the conventional contemporary model, and the Octo Outlet is the proof. This is a concept by Hyungsub Lee and Youngho Yun that actually delivers individual sockets to precisely where you want them.

The four-limbed device has one end equipped with a wall plug and three other retractable tips armed with separate power points. What you do is pull these outlets out of their tubular containers and coiled cables will unravel to give you valuable length. The tetrahedral power strip can thus reach out to your desk or your bedside table to meet your gadgets' wires halfway. The Octo Outlet is a quirky, creative and clever solution to inconveniently placed wall sockets within your home and office.