The OBLOW Hair Dryer is the Future Hi-Tech Hotel Amenity

 - Feb 11, 2014
References: matteoiavicoli & yankodesign
Any person with more than four inches of hair may find that time spent blowdrying her coif might be better spent multitasking. The OBLOW Hair Dryer actually enables you to do this by integrating a sort of tablet into its charging base. This is a cordless blowdryer designed for installation in hotel bathrooms that comprises a big box hub with a built-in touchscreen and accessible apps.

Matteo Iavicoli's design provides users with an interface for keeping informed of hotel announcements, for playing music and so much more. Imagine improving the 20-minute process of fixing your after-shower mane with the ability to check up on your flight status, order a taxi, map out points of interest in your current city and find nearby restaurants and bars with the OBLOW Hair Dryer.