Oatis Arrabbiata Pesto Crackers are Made from Finnish Oats

As chip and cracker flavors get more adventurous, companies are looking to unexpected areas of the food universe in order to find inspiration, and that can easily be said of the new Oatis Arrabbiata Pesto crackers. As the flavor name suggests, the crackers are inspired by the spicy sauce best known for topping traditional Italian pasta dishes.

Oatis Arrabbiata Pesto crackers are one of three new flavors for the company's oat snacks. The other two are a classic sea salt and — more appropriately fitting the creative vein — a blueberry pie flavor. All three of these snacks are made with Finnish oats, making them gluten-free, rich in fiber, and low in lactose.

The Oatis sub-brand of oat crackers are part of Real Snacks' Chipventures line.