This Stylish Nut Dice Ring is Ironically No Fashion Gamble

 - Jun 18, 2012
References: individualicons &
When it comes to objects that visually reference other objects, there is a fine line in the subjective opinions of most people that separates terrific from tacky. Judge for yourself, but the Nut Dice Ring seems to be the sort of piece that falls into the former category.

Individual Icons manufactures this quirky finger band from sterling silver with six flat sides that give it a hexagonal shape when viewed side-on. Each of these rectangles as been incised with dots in the manner of a cubic game board die, devised correctly so that each opposite facet adds up to seven spots when combined. As such, and provided that the wearer has a straight toss, the Nut Dice Ring can be used effectively for impromptu betting, chance-based decision making and an increasingly wide variety of diversions. It also just looks good.