The Nupky 'Nsure' Thermostat Syncs with Other Devices in the Home

 - May 31, 2017
References: nsure-technologies & homecrux
Acting as a smart thermostat and an intuitive control hub for your home, the Nupky 'Nsure' is capable of being connected with all the other devices that are making their way into your lifestyle. The Nupky 'Nsure' enables you to control the various devices that are present within your home in order to effectively act as a spot to manage everything without having to go around to each item individually.

The Nupky 'Nsure' smart thermostat is engineered with the OpenTherm protocol along with a self-learning heating algorithm. This allows the thermostat to learn about your schedule and adjust the temperature accordingly in order to make you as comfortable as possible and work to save energy and money at the same time.