Nuno Serrao 'The Haunting Smell of Ash' Captures Landscapes Post-Fire

 - May 31, 2011
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When imagining what a once-lush landscape must look like after a fire, the image in your head may not be very uplifting --unless is it something like this Nuno Serrao 'The Haunting Smell of Ash' photography.

Nune Serrao is a talented photographer who chose to document the post-fire scenery of Laurisilva, which is a forest on the Madeira island. The UNESCO World Heritage site once boasted lush green landscapes and has since become engulfed in ash. Although the post-fire outcome of Laurisilva may not be as beautiful as it once was, this photographic series attempts restore an appreciation of the area.

The Nuno Serrao 'The Haunting Smell of Ash' photographic series is comprised of notable imagery that makes poetry out of barron landscapes and paved paradises.