Nuance by Marc-Antoine Lucatelli Stars Dancer Lucas Boirat

The scenes making up the film titled Nuance by Marc-Antoine Lucatelli, are utterly mesmerizing. Dancer Lucas Boirat is portrayed as a sort of sorcerer with the power to manipulate a mercurial form of light. With a huge sense of control, there is also a source of power and opposition emanating from both the light and Boirat.

A stunning work of art, Nuance by Marc-Antoine Lucatelli is performed to the track 'Ants' by EdIT. At once playful and otherworldly, the moves can be likened to a modern form of martial arts. Yet there is a fluidity and force to the choreography that suggests something more as well. Primal and futuristic, people will lose themselves while watch Nuance by Marc-Antoine Lucatelli, without a doubt.