The Noteslate SHIRO Features an E Ink Screen and Impressive Battery Life

 - Oct 5, 2015
References: facebook & liliputing
We're living in a world where everything is a touchscreen and the analog is often overlooked in favor of the digital, but the Noteslate SHIRO looks to create a marriage between both aesthetics. Featuring E Ink technology and offering users a digital experience that is as close to actually writing on paper as possible, the Noteslate SHIRO is designed to offer functionality that's more organic to encourage more interactivity rather than sticking to the tight constraints of a tablet or laptop.

A crisp 6.8-inch 1080 x 1440 pixel E Ink Pearl HD display on the Noteslate SHIRO is capable of up to 16 shades of grey, while the internal components include a 1 GHz Freescale SoloLite processor, 8GB of storage and WiFi connectivity. The Noteslate SHIRO is purported to last a whopping three weeks on a single charge.