These Headphone Wires Use a Spring-Loaded System to Prevent Tangles

 - Sep 1, 2015
References: yankodesign
The no-tangle headphones make sure you don't have to deal with the most annoying issue that faces any consumer listening to music. When you're trying to reach for your music, often the issue can be tangled headphones that have wrapped themselves into oblivion.

The 'Self-Folding Wire' is the solution to tangled wires and could lead to many other organizational innovations. The wire comes with a spring-loaded system that folds onto itself so the wires aren't intertwining -- the wires instead form layers and keep them from bunching up. The designers Zhang Qinfu, Nan Fang, Wang Zhanfu, and Zhong Hai offer this as not only a benefit of storage, but also usage. The no-tangle headphones don't dangle to the degree of free-forming wires, instead any extra wire can be folded to be more efficient and neat.