Not Acceptable R-word PSA Transcends Censors' Seal of Approval

 - May 30, 2011
References: alwaysspoton
Words are powerful, and with this new Not Acceptable R-word PSA, creators Spot On are hoping people rid themselves of diminutive inappropriate language once and for all.

The ad features a group of people expressing their feelings towards racist and homophobic remarks that have been said to them, but in telling their stories, they too must use those highly controversial words. The ad continues by stating that if this kind of language is inappropriate in society, then so too is condescending language used towards people with mental disabilities as that kind of language is equally degrading and distasteful.

It’s actually quite admirable that television censors have allowed this commercial to be aired despite its racy language since the importance of the PSA’s message is insurmountable. You can see the Not Acceptable R-word PSA online and on television sets.