Norm Magnusson Paints the World One Leaf, Rock and Twig at a Time

Norm Magnusson brings people's attention to nature in an artistic way. Decorating everything from rocks and leaves to twigs and logs, he comments on people's need to improve the world in various ways. As though in an attempt to usurp the interior designing skills of Mother Nature herself, Norm Magnusson takes matters into his own creative hands.

Based in Lake Hill, New York, Norm Magnusson observes, "We use nature how we see fit: we strive to bring order to it, we seek to explain it in a language that doesn’t belong to it, we try to make it prettier, we try to make it better, we try to make it more profitable. Some efforts succeed, some don’t." Falling somewhere in between, Norm Magnusson's artworks neither make nature better or worse, simply different.