The Non Smokers Calendar Shows What is Possible in a Year Without Smokes

AKO Health Insurance turned to the creative minds at the Munich-based ad agency Serviceplan to produce a Non Smokers Calendar that presented quitting smoking as a favorable option for nicotine fiends. Of course, the media often conveys the adverse side effects of excessive smoking, but the immediate benefits of putting a stop to puffing are not often discussed. Serviceplan created the Non Smokers Calendar as a way to graphically present the increasing health benefits of laying off the smokes month by month.

The graphics in this calendar consist of a pair of black smokers lungs. The anatomical outlines are filled in with thick black numbers. The pattern that populates each set of lungs are filigree pattern cutout. As you peel back each passing month the numbers inside the lungs shrink and are more spaced out. Once December arrives the page is virtually clean, with very few visible marks. The tagline reads, "A year without cigarettes and your lungs can breathe again."

The stunning Non Smokers Calendar will provide you with motivation necessary to that butt out for good.