The Zero Emission NomadX Enhances Life for Modern Migrants

Who says a life of roaming and a life of luxury are mutually exlusive? You can have both with the NomadX, a spiffy, eco-conscious recreational vehicle that provides advanced amenities to modern nomads.

Designed by Christian Peetz, Regina Tschurtschenthaler, Oskar von Hanstein, and Lukas Donz, the NomadX is a zero emission vehicle that attempts to boost the comfort of a noamdic life by maximizing space. The NomadX features doors that open front and back to create a spacious camp, and a ‘Center Tree’ in the middle, which features a cooking space, fridge, and air system. An opening in the roof collects water and passes it through a filter, and the modular seats of the NomadX can be adjusted into chairs and a sleeping surfaces.