The QuietOn Plugs are Comfortable Enough to be Worn for Sleep

 - Jan 31, 2016
References: quieton & thegadgetflow
The QuietOn noise-cancelling earplugs offer consumers a tech-enabled solution to enjoy a moment of quiet time during everyday living or sleep. The earplugs are designed to hone in on acoustic noise and transform the sounds into silence using low frequency base tones. The innovative technology allows wears to enjoy personalized peace and quiet in settings that are otherwise very loud.

Finding silence in noisy settings can be extremely challenging for many consumers, and the QuietOn headphones offer a sleek and out of sight solution. The earplugs are incredibly small and discreet in design, fitting comfortably into the wearer's ear with a silicone earpiece. The device is able to convert sounds into silence using bass frequency and one charge lasts the user up to 50 hours of extended use. These earplugs are also designed to stay put inside the ear which is ideal for sleeping.