The 'Dial It Down' Gadget Rids Your Home of the City Street Clamor

 - Nov 29, 2013
References: weburbanist
The constant sounds of the busy city streets while you're trying to relax can be the utmost bother and a pillow over your ears isn't exactly the best noise cancellation device.

Industrial designer Rudolf Stefanich came up with a high-tech solution to that noisy problem. Entitled 'Dial It Down,' the noise cancellation device that kills all that pesky clamor once you attach it to your window is a must-have. With added options of filtering noise and even sound replacement, this gnarly gadget doesn't only cancel sounds, but allows you to be the conductor of your own soothing natural sounds opera.

Equipped with a user-friendly touch interface, this very cool tech tool will give you the power to turn up or turn down the volume knob on real life.