Noah Fallis Photographs a Dying Subculture

 - Jun 20, 2012
References: noahfallis & photographyserved
Calgary-based photographer Noah Fallis recently shot a series titled 'Faces of Alberta,' that aims to capture the faces of a fading subculture.

As Fallis explains on his Behance page, in recent years Alberta has seen a huge wave of urbanization that has been steadily replacing some the provinces more traditional ways of life, including the cowboy culture.

In the past, much of Albertan economic life revolved around the cattle trade. Although ranching is still very much alive, it has been eclipsed and overshadowed by the lucrative oil industry. All of this, however, seems academic when one looks into the faces that Fallis depicts in this series. A particularly striking similarity they all share is their age; most of these cowboys are old men.