Ninja Snap Warns Friends Against Going Too Far Into Personal Photo Albums

 - Sep 11, 2015
References: & gizmodo
Ninja Snap is an app that was invented to solve a pesky, universal and uniquely modern problem: handing someone your phone to view a specific message and instead having them scroll though all of your personal photos.

Not only does Ninja Snap stop a prying or absent-minded friend from looking through potentially risque or private pictures, it also plays a silly prank on the wandering party. Before handing a smartphone to their friend or colleague, the Ninja Snap selects the specific photos they want their recipient to be able to view.

If the phone intruder scrolls past the intended pictures, the Ninja Snap app will kick in. Rather than giving them access to any more photos, the app will use the phone's reverse camera to take pictures of the offending party, showing them only their own (increasingly confused) face.