The Nina Boesch Metro Card Project Reimagines New York

The Nina Boesch Metro Card artwork is moving. The project was created by Manhattan-based German artist Nina Boesch, who recycles metro cards into beautiful masterpieces. Boesch finds used and expired cards to create these momentous mosaics that depict New York icons from famous celebrities to historical landmarks.

The pieces include collages of the Statue of Librety, Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly, and The New York Times. The work uses these small cards that are so fundamentally New York and, from these parts, crafts a whole that is such a quintessential representation of the city. Though Boesch is limited by her color palette, Boesch manages to depict the life and motion found within the Big Apple.

Each of Boesch's collages are one-of-a-kind and use thousands of recycled subway passes.