The Nikola Pedals Help Cyclists Harness Their Skating Muscles

 - Sep 25, 2014
References: gizmag
The Nikola is a speed-skating-style pedal that slides out to the sides in order to bring a movement reminiscent of skating to the act of cycling. Inventor Nick Stevovich came up with the product upon noticing that cyclists and skaters use different sets of muscles to propel themselves forward, and realizing that cyclists could harness more pedaling power if they engaged both muscle groups.

Each Nikola pedal moves laterally along its axle, allowing the rider's leg to glide one side and engage those skating muscles. The rider's shoes stay securely attached to the pedals until unhooked.

The Nikola speed skating pedals will be sold in Northern Hemisphere markets later this fall and will be offered in two versions. A set of the stainless steel Nikolas will sell for $339 while the titainum version will go for around $549.