The Nike Golf Engage Wedge Helps Golfers Tackle Adverse Course Conditions

 - Jan 17, 2015
The Nike Golf Engage wedges are a series of wedges engineered by Nike to help golfers like their star ambassador Rory McIlroy literally wedge their way out of sticky situations on the golf course.

The Nike Golf Engage wedges are milled with ultra-precise X3X grooves to deliver maximum spin on full shots. These grooves have sharp edges and more volume, allowing players to pull off consistent shots in any condition with consistent ball flight.

These wedges will also utilize an "athlete-authentic" raw finish rather than chrome plating. This finish will help reduce glare while also boosting surface roughness, allowing for improved spin and control.

The Nike Engage wedges will be available for sale on Nike's official website starting April 17, for an expected $119.99.