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 - Mar 7, 2012
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An Ivy League education often gives students the platform to reach new heights in achievement and opens doors to many opportunities; and the Business Association of Stanford Entrepreneurial Students does just that. The most progressive and creative schools are now the birthplace of next generation social entrepreneurs.

Schools like Stanford are fostering and rewarding new ideas, not just technology-based innovations, but companies and concepts deeply rooted in providing answers for the world's most pressing issues.

BASES, Business Association of Stanford Entrepreneurial Students, is a student-run organization that offers undergraduate and graduate students the resources and peer support to incubate and launch their ideas.

As the largest student-run group on campus, BASES hosts an annual $150k Challenge that provides $50k in reward funding to three teams/companies in three competitions: Entrepreneurship Challenge Track, Social Entrepreneurship Challenge Track and Product Showcase. In addition, BASES sponsors on campus seminars and programs with the world's most innovative creators and entrepreneurs to help next generation social entrepreneurs cultivate ideas and enable social change.

Social entrepreneurship being fostered at the college level should be of interest to businesses and educators alike as more students graduate with not only high level degrees but also a vested interest in social business.

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