Founder Jeremy Gutsche Saved by Cat

 - Jun 16, 2008
References: mikeshard founder Jeremy Gutsche was rescued by a house cat! Apparently, Jeremy fell unconscious and his little kitten came to his rescue. You'll have to watch the News 19 video to get the full scoop.

Oh wait, I'm Jeremy Gutsche, and I don't have a CPR cat... So maybe that news isn't true.

I love customizable advertising, and the Mike's Hard Lemonade site is fantastic...

The only problem is that they weren't clever enough to make their ad embeddable in blogs. That's ridiculous. For context, vast majority of YouTube videos aren't watched on YouTube... They're watched on blogs... Plus blogs are the only decent way to go viral... Write that down, Marketing Managers. write that down... (sorry for the bitterness, but my cat just rescued me)