The Newport Street Gallery Will House Damien Hirst's Private Collection

Although it's slightly more conventional than his collections of pickled animals and jeweled human skulls, Damien Hirst's latest project, the Newport Street Gallery, is no less exciting.

The Newport Street Gallery will be home to Damien Hirst's over 3,000-piece personal collection of art. Hirst commissioned architecture studio Caruso St. John, which was responsible for the renovation of the Tate Britain, to design the gallery.

The exhibition space will occupy what was formerly a row of theater warehouses on Newport Street in South London. Three existing buildings will be completely converted on the inside to create an airy, minimalist space, and two new structures will be added, one on either side of the row. The exterior of the Newport Street Gallery features three stylized brick-and-glass spikes marking the placement of the former warehouses' roofs.