The NewChi 'Ballet' Tea Set Stands Precariously But Beautifully

Tea time dates back to ancient times when various herbal concoctions were enjoyed by a larger variety of nations and groups and the utensils used in the process of tea-making have undergone much change to suit today's modernistic appeals; thus, the NewChi 'Ballet' tea set was born. This tea set not only pleases the metropolitan eye, but also serves as a tribute to the appeal of a ballerina who masters balance and turns it into a graceful dance form.

The pieces in the tea set do not have flat or circular bottoms, rather than all end triangularly and are helped to stand by the handle which also reaches the table at a point. With two small points of contact, the NewChi Ballet tea set is striking and will quickly catch attention if left on a table. The smooth white design reminds one of how effortless and smooth the moves of a ballerina are and the fact that it balances upon two small points makes this tea set the best ode to ballet the world of tea has ever seen.

Additional Image Credit: NewChi