Batman Arkham Asylum by Rocksteady

 - Aug 21, 2008
References: rocksteadyltd & gameinformer
You love movies. You love games. So one would think that games based on movies are heaven sent.

But one would be wrong. As anyone who is affiliated with video games might know, licensed games are often subpar, usually tailored to little kids or riding on the coattails of a summer blockbuster.

But during the E3 convention this year, Rocksteady Studios unleashed a Batman game titled Batman Arkham Asylum, which seems to be more like Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction and the revolutionary Spiderman 2 than Wall-E or Iron Man games.

This game's storyline is not based on any particular movie or comic, and the folks at Rocksteady got the freedom to design their own world and borrow from many elements of the Gotham world.

With amazing graphics, an RPG-like upgrading system for Batman, many detailed villains such as the Joker (very Ledger-esque), Killer Croc, and many more, this game, for the Xbox360, PS3, and PC, appears to be of the caliber of Marvel Ultimate Alliance and the few other comic video game gems.