Frog Juice

 - Jan 30, 2008
References: blameitonthevoices.blogspot
'Extracto de rana' is, in simpler terms, Frog Juice. This amphibian beverage is a sweeping sensation in the market of Lima, Peru. Claiming to have the healing power for things such as asthma and bronchitis, it's more renowned for curing impotence.

The process is very simple. The vendor takes your chosen frogs, bangs them on the counter (kills them or at least renders them unconscious), skins them, fills the blender with hot white beat broth, honey, raw Aloe Vera and a generous portion of Maca (a South-American plant known for it's erotic powers as an aphrodisiac). The vendor than kicks on the blender mixing up all the ingredients, and to that running blender adds in your frogs. Many of the locals treat this drink as their morning and afternoon cup of coffee.

I wonder if you'll ever be able to get one of these at Starbucks, or a better-suited outfit may be Jugo Juice. Still I think I'll stick to Viagra, if a problem ever does arise.

Bon appetite.