This New Age Performance Mouthpiece Promises More Strength & Balance

The 6DS PRO New Age Performance mouthpiece is designed to help athletes perform at their highest level by improving jaw alignment, which in turn increases strength, balance and endurance. By integrating patent-pending DS (dimensional stabilizer) technology, the mouthpiece is able to align and stabilize six dimensions of balance: anterior-posterior, lateral, protrusive, pitch, roll and yaw.

While New Age Performance's 5DS mouthpiece was introduced for amateur athletes, the 6DS PRO targets serious athletes who would benefit from increased performance during non-contact sports. The biggest change between the 5DS and the 6DS PRO is support for the lateral dimension, which stabilizes side-to-side jaw movement and prevents performance depletion. Numerous testimonials support that the mouthpiece helps people to lift more weights, increase their number of reps, bring more power to golf swings, run further and even provide more flexibility during yoga classes, boasting a wide range of fitness applications.