This App Helps Users Meet Anyone They are Looking to Connect With

 - Sep 1, 2015
References: conspire & businessinsider
Conspire is an app that uses network leveraging to help users meet anyone they want to meet.

Sign into the app, input a specific person you want to meet or a company you're interested in, and Conspire will use network leveraging to tell you exactly how to get in touch. The concept of network leveraging is a bit like the game six degrees of separation. The theory is that -- especially with the web-like interconnections of social media -- everyone knows someone who knows everyone else. Conspire takes users' Google account contact list and then scours through social media networks to find the trail of people that leads to the person they want to find. Then it's as simple as contacting the person the user knows and asking them to set up a meeting with the person they want to meet.

Going beyond LinkedIn and Facebook, this network leveraging app utilizes social media to its fullest potential to allow users to set up actual meetings with people who could benefit their businesses.