The Nestle Bliss Yogurt Drinks Feature Real Fruit Juice & Live Cultures

 - Feb 10, 2016
Nestle Bliss is a top-selling Malaysian line of yogurt beverages that promises it all -- delicious taste, a digestive boost and nutritional value.

These beverages are packed to the brim with lactobacillus acidophilus, bfidobacterium lactis and streptococcus thermophillus, all good bacteria that help promote a healthy intestinal environment, leading to better digestive health and boosted absorption of key nutrients. Moreover, the Nestle Bliss drinks have low fat content and are made with real fruit juice. They are completely devoid of artificial colors and are available in 200-gram and 700-gram sizes.

Available in flavors ranging from mango and blackcurrant to guava and kiwi, these beverages give you a variety of options depending on your mood and what sort of flavor you're craving. At the same time, they ensure that your body's inner workings remain smooth and streamlined.