The Nest Thermostat Now Features Family Account Functionality

 - Mar 15, 2016
References: nest & gizmag
Since its launch about five years ago, the Nest thermostats have done a great job using smart technology to learn household schedules and automate heating and cooling functionality accordingly.Now however, a new update is designed to make families safer and more comfortable whilst also including geofencing functionality for added security.

Nest thermostats now include Home/Away Assist functionality which can automatically identify whether anyone as home, with geofencing used to track user's phone and detect if they are within a certain distance of their home. This mode works in conjunction with the Family Account function, which allows the thermostat to ascertain if family members are within the geofenced region.

It's understandable that some people might be wary of this sort of functionality being used to infiltrate people's privacy, which is why Nest has set things up in such a way that each user has to voluntarily opt in to the Home/Away Assist function, so it doesn't automatically get armed. Furthermore, locations are only tracked relative to the geofenced region, so the precise location is not given away.

Secure and reliable, the high-tech Nest thermostats give families peace of mind without unduly intruding on their privacy.