The Nerone Wall-Mounted Fireplace is Designed by James Di Marco

Designed by James Di Marco, the Nerone wall-mounted fireplace adds a bit of metropolis flair to any contemporary home. The decorative skyline sits in front of the open flame, creating the illusion of a burning city scene.

The hearth is made of a resin-coated steel, which provides a matte and sleek finish to this eye-catching decor piece. Like all Caleido fireplaces, this dark and graphic inferno is powered by an eco-friendly bioethanol fuel. The silhouette is simple, but certainly grabs your attention when surrounded by a white or neutral interior.

The Nerone wall-mounted fireplace is ideal for home owners who seek dual purpose designs and clean-cut aesthetics. The piece provides warmth when turned on and functions as a conversational art piece when off.