The Nepenthes Planter Makes Food Out of Compost

 - Jan 28, 2012
References: yankodesign
Although recycling is necessary for the environment, it's not an easy task, which is why the Nepenthes planter will make this eco-friendly habit a lot more rewarding by helping users grow their own food from waste.

Designed by Khitrova Anna, this product consists of an elongated compost bin that has enough bacteria at its bottom to convert leftovers into plants. Users only need to dispose food scraps in the planter and wait for the microorganisms to release the nutrients back into the soil. Then, a nice plant will grow at the bottom of the trash. To avoid the natural bad smell of compost, a carbon filter was added to the planter.

The Nepenthes makes recycling a lot more fruitful for both users and the ecosystem.