This Massive Mural by Neopaint is Featured in an Elementary School

 - Sep 25, 2015
References: & stupiddope
Neopaint has long been a mainstay in Budapest's' street art scene. The group's newest mural is a complex interconnected piece that incorporates countless graphic elements, characters and settings.

Firstly, the massive mural was done to decorate an elementary school, providing students with a tremendous view. The mural depicts a fictionalized house or apartment complex and shows distinct families and individuals coexisting within the same space. The image strips down the wall to reveal to students and passersby the colorful collection of people they created.

The middle portion of the mural has a three-dimensional element and engulfs you into the picture. The center of the house is portrayed as a shared space among all the inhabitants. In a creative and visually interesting manner, Neopaint artists were able to create a beautiful piece of art while fostering a sense of community for those seeing it.