Spanish Trend Magazine

 - Dec 20, 2006   Updated: May 26 2011
Neo 2 is a spanish magazine about the latest trends that embrace a lot of fields: art, fashion, music, technology... Neo 2 started like quarterly magazine in 1997 ( it's monthly from nº 40). Its design (image, typography...) is specially modern, with a cosmoplitan vocation for developing every subject by means of interviews,pictures,articles and essays. It's a cultural reference in the european space.

Implications - Many companies quickly grow tiresome in the eyes of the public when they are not constantly innovating. Many new magazines and publications are demonstrating the importance of transcending genres in order to appeal to a wider target audience. By being able to convey compassion and interest for a large grouping of people, beliefs, fashions and so on companies can become more favorable in the eyes of consumers.