The Kiki Newgain Neck Massager Radiates Heat and Soothes Pain

 - Dec 29, 2016
References: 7gadgets
Being that so many people spend endless hours of the day utilizing a computer and/or a smartphone, the Kiki Newgain neck massager is designed to help eliminate the strains associated.

Digital strains are occurring more and more as people look down at their devices and/or crank their body into uncomfortable positions in order to accommodate the use of the technology in their lifestyle. The Kiki Newgain massager helps combat against the pains that are created by technology usage by offering an infrared heat massage that helps to relieve pain and increase circulation.

The Kiki Newgain neck massager features two automatic therapy modes as well as four manual therapy modes in order to meet the needs or requirements of different people of varying age ranges.