The Nava Filtering Water Bottle is Good for You and for the Planet

 - Apr 12, 2013
References: korwater & tuvie
This notion of a 'water bottle' has suffered a bad reputation as of late, but the Nava Filtering Water Bottle turns it around. Along with the other canteens made by KOR Water, this one encourages reuse, as a product that's been expertly designed for durability.

In particular, this portable H2O container offers the user a handful of features that make it both convenient, and eco-friendly. First of all, the hardwearing vessel has been paired with a secure hinged cap that ensures that it cannot be misplaced. You can open the lid with the easy press of a button, enabling you to take a sip with the use of one hand. Finally, the Nava Filtering Water Bottle has a purification component inside, employing renewable coconut shells to do the job.