The Lamborghini Insecta Concept Turns Bug to Glass and Carbon Fiber

When you think of a beetle, high performance cars are hardly what comes to mind, yet Romanian designer Iulian Bumbu managed to turn the humble bug image into one sleek, power-radiating Lamborghini.

The Insecta Concept is an aggressive two-seater, which embraces the exoskeleton found in insects to produce a highly aerodynamic body frame. Employing the mighty powertrain from the eminent Gallardo, this smooth Lamborghini wannabe is covered in lightweight carbon fiber and shows off magnificent futuristic details, true to the power of its make. A stunning feature is its glass sky roof that reveals its cutting-edge cockpit, with deep bucket seats and an U-shaped jet steering wheel, as well as its potent 5 liter V10 engine.

The state-of-the-art concept presents yet another example of a triumphant fusion between technology and nature; Insecta molds the future of the Lamborghini design, and we are never to look at a bug the same indifferent way again.