Kiwi Manuka's Natural Lozenges Soothe with Honey and Bee Propolis

Many natural lozenges aim to provide relieve from coughs and irritated throats, but these ones from Kiwi Manuka soothe with one of the most beneficial kinds of honey in the world.

Manuka is well-known for its antibacterial and antibiotic properties, which make it incredibly useful for supporting the immune system. On top of this, the soothing natural lozenges also include bee propolis—the mixture that honey bees make with saliva and beeswax—which also boasts incredible benefits for one's health.

The Manuka Honey Propolis Lozenges are offered in a range of fresh fruit flavors and vibrant packaging designs to match. When developing the packaging for Kiwi Manuka's products, designer Kevin Lam was aware that many existing products in the space boast traditional, serious designs—these ones set themselves apart with bold colors and playful graphics.