The Natural Living Ink is Made from Plants that Bloom in Several Days

 - Dec 11, 2015
References: kickstarter & core77
The all-natural Living Ink is an innovative writing fluid creation made from algae as oppose to carbon black. The plant-based bio-ink offers a secondary dimension to writing, turning anything created with the pen into greenery that continues to grow, expand and come to live over a period of time.

The Living Ink is an environmentally friendly solution to using standard carbon as the main ink source. Instead, these pens feature a sustainable material featuring living algae cells that draw upon carbon dioxide and purify the atmosphere just like plants do. The pens come in a variety of pencil and bio-ink formats that is used on special paper and placed into a wooden Greenhouse base system. The picture is left to sit allowing the algae cells to grow where the bio-ink was placed and come to live.