Sasha Vinogradova's Breathtaking Design Project Induces Wanderlust

 - May 3, 2018
References: sashavinogradova &
Los Angeles-based designer Sasha Vinogradova creates a breathtaking project for Graphika Manila 2018 where she mixes natural landmarks to motivate discovery and exploration. The animated design is centered around an unidentified character that explores the vastly fantastical space while flying on a speedy hoverboard. The landscape is an experiment in wanderlust. Sasha Vinogradova breaks the boundaries of space restriction by fusing points of interest from the Phillippines with natural landmarks from all over the world. During his travels, the helmeted character discovers sci-fi-like spheres at each location -- a nod to the way "the topography is shaped or developed."

Inherently creative and insanely adventurous, Sasha Vinogradova's Graphika Manila project is definitely a breathtaking animation that motivates open-mindedness and a need to travel the remote sites of the world.