Artist Hallinan Creates Lifelike Character Designs for Legend of Zelda

 - Jan 20, 2014
References: natehallinanart.deviantart
Artist Nate Hallinan has created a series of character designs for realistic renderings of creatures from the Legend of Zelda series of video games. From frightening skulltulas -- skull-faced spiders -- to huge Gorons (rock people) these designs are fantastical, inventive and absolutely beautiful to behold. These realistic renderings of video game characters are signs of a broader imagination and sense of creativity at work. To take characters that began as eight-bit icons on an old video game screen, and turn them into something you could see in real life or at least in a live action film, is an incredible feat.

Nate Hallinan demonstrates his talent with these realistic Legend of Zelda art prints and demonstrates just one way fans are reinventing art and pop culture.