The Narcisse Chair by NOCOD is Inspired by The Narcissist's Tool

 - Sep 23, 2014
References: & mocoloco
COD Studio’s Narcisse chair is a mirrored furniture piece that boasts a spherical back rest and a linear, wooden frame. Named after the French translation for narcissist, this chair is inspired by vanity and its most dangerous tool, the mirror.

The mirror has been a symbol of beauty and vanity for centuries but can also become an obsessive tool for those who become caught up in the superficial. Inspired by this concept, COD Studio's Narcisse chair is the epitome of elegance and an example of artful industrial design.

Its reflective elements create double images of its user and the chair itself while its solid frame somewhat contradicts its rounded and oversized back panel. Overall, the seat is described as a "chair with a personality disorder" by its Paris-based designers.