Jessica Covi's Nanuq Alpine Vehicle is Futuristically Designed

 - May 18, 2011
References: creativednaaustria & designbuzz
While many automobiles are getting the environmentally friendly treatment, there are still some methods of transportation that have not been so lucky. That has come to end for the snowmobile crowd at least, thanks to the Nanuq Alpine vehicle. Although it might look like some retro take on a futuristic ride (ahem, Star Wars), it does look like a pretty mean machine.

Designed by Jessica Covi, the Nanuq Alpine vehicle ranks low on the air and noise pollution chart. Yet, it doesn't sacrifice high speeds, digital interfaces and steering mechanisms in the process. The Nanuq Alpine vehicle also boasts ergonomic seating perfect for long treks as well as a GPS system that is pretty necessary considering the hard terrain traveled in the European Mountain Range Alps.